Yoshitaka Amano: Illustrations, characters and concept art

Yoshitaka Amano is a japanese illustrator and character artist. Born in Shizuoka City Japan on July 28 1952. He began working as an animator but is most famous for working on the Final Fantasy series. First as a concept artist and character designer and later as an illustrator. In his twenties, Amano became interested in studying early 20th century European arts and Japanese ancient hand woodblock printing.

In 1987 he ventured in the videogame concpetual design joining Squaresoft in qhat was believed to be their last game: Final Fantasy. The sixt instalmente of the series (Final Fantasy VI) was the last one on which he worked as a designer, leaving the role to Tetsuya Nomura. He kept working as an illustrator for the company.
Since the 1990s he has also been creating and exhibiting paintings featuring his iconic retro pop icons in galleries around the world, primarily painting on aluminium box panels with acrylic and automotive paint.

Yoshitaka Amano - Dawn Warriors
Dawn Warriors
Yoshitaka Amano - Edgar Roni Figaro
Edgar Roni Figaro
Yoshitaka Amano - Edgar Roni Figaro
Edgar Roni Figaro
Yoshitaka Amano - Kefka Palazzo
Kefka Palazzo
Yoshitaka Amano - Setzer Gabbiani
Setzer Gabbiani
Yoshitaka Amano - Terra Branford
Terra Branford
Yoshitaka Amano - Crusader
Yoshitaka Amano - Melusine
Yoshitaka Amano - Alexander Highwind Tycoon
Alexander Highwind Tycoon
Yoshitaka Amano - Main Characters
Main Characters
Yoshitaka Amano - Kefka's Tower
Kefka’s Tower

images from http://www.square-enix.com/