Viktor Antonov’s sci-fi art

Viktor Antonov is a Bugarian concept artist and art director. He did concept design and art-directed Valve’s acclaimed Half Life 2 videogame. He holds a transportation design degree from the Art Center College of Design. He has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a matte painter conceptual designer, art director and product manager.

He was a designer for the animation film “Renaissance” and did matte painting for the sci-fi series “Skyland”. Viktor founded the entertainment design studio The Building, in Paris France. He also worked  on the Dishonored series as the visual design director overseing the many and unique settings of the game. He is currently the visual design director of Zenimax Media.

viktor antonov - Dishonored Character Concept

Dishonored Character Concept

viktor antonov - Dishonored Environment

Dishonored Environment

viktor antonov - Vehicle Concept

Vehicle Concept

viktor antonov - Citadel Star

Citadel Star

viktor antonov - Airex Tower

Airex Tower



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