I am Setsuna: Square’s nostalgia jrpg

I am Setsuna is a japanese rle playing game devevolped by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. The game’s art style tries to bring the players back to a simpler time: the golden age of japanese role playing games. The jrpg not only does that  with it’s turn based mechanics but also with it’s art style. The visuals of the game are heavely influenced by the early Final Fantasy games, with it’s colorful environments and characters.

The environments are a mix of fantasy and a little steampunk aestethic where the colors are made even brighter by the heavy use of snow:


I am setsuna Village concept
Village concept
I am setsuna Snowy village concept
Snowy village concept
I am setsuna Environment concept
Environment concept
I am setsuna Environment concept
Environment concept

The characters are also very colorful and bright, clearly influenced by Yoshitaka Amano‘s early Final Fantasy concepts

I am setsuna Endir
I am setsuna Nidr
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