Pokemon Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon are the lastest installments in the Pokemon videogame seriesĀ developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. As usual Nintendo releases two versions of the same role-playing gameĀ differentiated by some of the creatures and enemies encountered.

The art of the games remains in line with the anime design of the previous games, with simple lines and bright colors that identifies the fantasy world in wich everything takes place.

Male protagonist

Female protagonist

Alola Region

The design of the creatures, except for a few examples like the starters, lost it’s simplicity though, resulting in hypercomplex monsters that show the limits of the franchise.

Litten (starter)

Popplio (starter)

Rowlet (starter)

Decidueye (starter evolution)

Inceneroar (starter evolution)

Tapu Koko





Images from www.creativeuncut.com

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