The sci-fi art of Bioware’s Mass Effect series

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role-playing third person shooter video game series. It’s developed by the Canadian company BioWare and released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows, with the third installment also released on the Wii U.

The original trilogy revolves around a player created character called Commander Shepard. He’s a soldier who is charged with protecting the galaxy from a menacing race called Reapers and their agents. Shepard will travel the galaxy aboard the Normandy Ship, making allies and investigating his enemies. He’ll be trying to disrupt the genocidal plans of the Reapers.

The series was initially heavily rpg centric, with progression mechanics mixed with a third-person shooter gameplay. It became more and more action based with each new installment making the game more accessible but disappointing a lot of hardcore fans.

The biggest controversy although didin’t involve the game’s easyfied mechanics but the ending of the third chapter. It was so disappointing that Bioware’s developers even received death threats. This also caused a discussion on the toxicity of the game community and the aggressive respond they have when something doesn’t suit them.

The artistic direction of the game is on par with the other Bioware proprieties as it involves artists like Matt Rhodes (The art of Dragon Age: Inquisition). The most impressive artistic feature of the game is probably the race design. The Salarian are presented with big gentle eyes, reminiscent of their more intellectual and peace-keeping nature. The Wrex race design on the ohter hand  is more reflective of their more aggressive nature.


The overall design creates a coherent universe with diverse races and futuristic envoirenment, fashion, weapon and vehicles design.

Here is some of the art from the series:

mass effect - Urdnot Wrex Face

Urdnot Wrex Face

mass effect - Salarian Face

Salarian Face

mass effect - Urdnot Wrex Concept

Urdnot Wrex Concept

mass effect - Salarian Concept

Salarian Concept

mass effect - Asari Concept

Asari Concept

mass effect - Miranda Lawson Speed Paint

Miranda Lawson Speed Paint

mass effect - Thane Krios Concepts

Thane Krios Concepts

mass effect - Subject Zero

Subject Zero

mass effect - Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

mass effect - Kai Leng

Kai Leng

mass effect - Normandy in Clouds

Normandy in Clouds

mass effect - Presidium


mass effect - Sanctuary


mass effect - Normandy Deck

Normandy Deck

mass effect - Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance

mass effect - Cityscape




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