Art from Hyung-tae Kim & Kyung-Jin Lee for Magna Carta

Magna carta is a fantasy role-playing video game  series developed by korean publisher Softmax. The series currently has three installments.

The gameplay of the series is similar to a classic jrpg, with turn based combat and creature summoning. The art style is very colorul and heavuly inspired by korean comicbooks. Characters, both male and female, have exagerated curves and standardized face design which leads to a very eccentric costume design. Some of the clothes are inspired by western medieval visuals, while other take a more modern approach but either way they always accentuate the character’s silhouette. The visual design for the fantasy series is very colorful but maintains an overall yellow and grey print which unifies characters, creatures and environments.

Here are a few examples:

magna carta - Reith


magna carta - Raul


magna carta - Elaine Crane

Elaine Crane

magna carta - Haren


magna carta - Carian Lora

Carian Lora

magna carta - Agreian Jei Owen

Agreian Jei Owen

magna carta - Calintz


magna carta - Vorpal Bunny

Vorpal Bunny

magna carta - Red Magi

Red Magi

magna carta - Betta


magna carta - Town Center

Town Center




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