Michel Koch, Edouard Caplain, Lukas Esch & Fred Augis’ work on Life is Strange

Life is Strange stands out for it’s cartoonish yet somewhat realistic artistic direction. The colorful fashion choice made for the teenagers collides with the more dull and realistic one made for the “adults”, creating an interesting contrast between main characters and support ones. The overall feeling is delightfull, with realistic envoirenments and general design that try to make you feel like you are really “there”.

Here is some artwork from the game

life is strange - bus-impact

Bus Impact

life is strange - character-design2

Character Design 2

life is strange - chloe-price

Chloe Price

life is strange - chloe-wheelchair

Chloe Wheelchair

life is strange - junkyard


life is strange - luke


life is strange - max-and-chloe-on-tracks

Max and Chloe on tracks

life is strange - max-caulfield

Max Caufield

life is strange -max-clothes

Max Clothes




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