Character design and illustrations from Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening’sĀ artistic direction for the game is similar to the early Final Fantasy games designed by Yoshitaka Amano: the character and envoirenment design have a heavy european medieval influenced mixed with a very eccentric and colorful japanese anime art style. Each character in Fire Emblem has a personal hair style and color and is dressed in a very unique, colorful and detailed fashion, making them immediately recognizable.

Fire Emblem awakening - Inigo
Fire Emblem – Inigo
Fire Emblema awakening - Yen'fay
Fire Emblem – Yen’fay
Fire Emblem awakening - Emmeryn
Fire Emblem – Emmeryn
Fire Emblem awakening - Lyndis Concept
Fire Emblem – Lyndis Concept
Fire Emblem awakening - Kellam
Fire Emblem – Kellam
Fire Emblem awakening - Olivia
Fire Emblem – Olivia
Fire Emblem awakening - Walhart
Fire Emblem – Walhart
Fire Emblem awakening - Panne
Fire Emblem – Panne
Fire Emblem awakening - Shield of Seals
Fire Emblem – Shield of Seals

Images fromĀ creativeuncut

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