Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3 is an action-roleplaying game developed by Access Games and published by Square Enix exclusively for Sony’s Sony Playstation 3. It is the third of the series and functions as a prequel to the first installment. The story focuses on Zero. She starts a rampaging journey trying to kill her five sisters who control different areas of the world by partnering with a dragon called Mikhail.

The design tries to give a modern spin to a medieval european style, while maintaining the tropes of classic japanese anime, such as uncanny eyes and extremely slim female figure who happen to have unrealistic strenght (not a real problem for a fantasy though). The colors in the character design reflect the decadence of the state of the world. Same thing for the environments.

drakengard 3 zero


drakengard 3 cent


drakengard 3 dito


drakengard 3 decad


drakengard 3 mikhail


drakengard 3 ruined city

Ruined City

drakengard 3

Mountain Path

drakengard 3

Country of sea

drakengard 3  country of sand

Country of sand




images from http://www.drakengardgame.com/

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