Bioware’s Dagon age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment of Bioware’s fantasy role-playing game series. This chapter follows the events of Dragon Age II and puts the player in the role of the Inquisitor. A power figure whose role is to bring peace and order to Thedas (the fictional continent in which the gameworld is established). The player is the only person in the game that can close Rifts: fractures in the veil, the barrier that separates the world of the spirits (the fade) and the world of the living.On the contrary of it’s predecessor this installment of the series allow the player to explore immense area. These filled with side quest and beautiful landscapes.

The artistic direction and execution of the game is simply stunning, from the green nature of the Arbor Wildes to the red desert of The Wester Approach. The design of the creatures and the different races that populate thedas is also remarkable. The game’s esthetic embraces german medieval style armament and clothes for the region of Ferelden. Orlais on the other hand is more influenced by XVI century France. The main difference between this videogame and other fantasy establishments is undeniably the master use of color. Most of the recent fantasy games are either monotone or way too campy and cartoony. They never giving the sensation of actualy being in a real place. It’s kinda hard to suspend disbelief when all you can see is green and grey.

Here are some of the paintings for the game and a link to Matt Rhodes’ ArtStation profile for some more of his art.

Dragon age Inquisition - War Horse

War Horse

Dragon age Inquisition - Tavern


Dragon age Inquisition - Coronation


Dragon age Inquisition - Surrender


Dragon age Inquisition - Dragon Tamer

Dragon Tamer

Dragon age Inquisition - Arrival


Dragon age Inquisition - War Room

War Room

Dragon age Inquisition - The Dig

The Dig

Dragon age Inquisition - Apostates




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