Concept art from Makoto Tsubayashi for Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry  is an action-adventure hack and slash thriller video game developed and published by Capcom. The gameplay focuses on swordfighting but new weapons and subsequent fighting styles can be unlocked by defeating bosses. The game is widely considered one of he greates action games of all time, mainly for it’s easy to approach but hard to master fighting mechanics. Devil may Cry was directed by Hideki Kamiya, who later developed the DmC mechanics and created Bayonetta. The “extreme combat” action  genre, which Devil may Cry created through complex mechanics and fighting scores, is almost dead today.

The game’s esthetic is heavely influenced by european gothic art and architecture and is filled with christian simbolism. It also has a heavily horror tint, with disgusting monsters and creepy dolls ready to attack. Dante’s design has made him one of the most iconic characters in the videogame industry. Dante has white hair and a red coat that give him a devilish esthetic, making him eccentric and out of this world. His red coat is also very similar to the one Vash the Stampede is wearing in the Trigun anime/manga series

Tsubayashi’s drawing style, while being digital, is very close to watercolor, which in some way make him similar to the watercolor master in the concept art space: Yoshitaka Amano, although Makoto’s style is way more simplistic.

devil may cry - Dante Face Concept

Dante Face Concept

devil may cry - Dante Rough Concept

Dante Rough Concept

devil may cry - Vergil Concept

Vergil Concept

devil may cry - Trish Concept

Trish Concept

devil may cry - Sparda Concept

Sparda Concept

devil may cry - Devil Concept

Devil Concept

devil may cry - Castle Relief

Castle Relief

devil may cry - Castle Concept

Castle Concept


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