Deus Ex: Mankind Devided’s Mechanical Apartheid

The artistic direction of the second installment of this rebooted franchise is simply beatiful. Deus Ex: mankind Divided puts a very heavy focus on the concept of the Mechanical Apartheid in which humans with robotic enhancements are being thrown out at the margins of society. The overall look is very dry and futuristic, the hard llines that delineate clothes and robotics are a reflection of the hardship of the separation. The envoirements have a very sci-fi look, with dark tones and neon lights resembling a Blade Runner esthetic. Stylistically speaking the design for the envoirenments, fashion and robotics are very close to a modernized version of japanese sci-fi anime from the 80’s and 90’s.

Deus Ex:  mankind divided -  augmentation


Deus Ex:  mankind divided -   ivan berk

Ivan Berk

Deus Ex:  mankind divided -  demd-alleyway


Deus Ex:  mankind divided -  demd-city-arch

City Arch

Deus Ex:  mankind divided -  demd-city-skyline

City Skyline

Deus Ex:  mankind divided -  demd-jensen-concept

Jensen Concept

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