Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Fourth entry in the Souls series, it was released in Japan in March 2016, and worldwide in April 2016. The game has a third-person perspective the gameplay is very similar to the previous entries in the series.

Dark Souls III embraces a more old-school design in regards to the difficulty level it presents. The game challenges the player throughout the whole playthrough with extemely difficult fights and while this may lead to some great frustration, in also leads to a great sense of accomplishment in case of success. Contemporary games, especially when the firl Demon’s Soul came out, were generally very easy due to the need for accessibility that triple A games had. This made the franchise a niche in which people could find reward in completing a difficult task.

From an artistic perspective Dark Soul III is gorgeus. The dark and heavy tones, mixed with gothic and horror-like XVI century architecture, always give the player a sense of uneasyness, A continuos anxiety that keeps you on your toes which makes the game a  true horror game. Nowadays horror is about jumpscares and solving puzzles, they no longer have the crushing feeling that a Silent Hill might have given you. Black in certainly the main color in the game’s palette. Masterfully contrasted by flashes of yellow, in remebrance of Robert W. Chambers’ The king in yellow.

Here is some of the concep art for the game

Dark Souls III - Drifter Knight

Drifter Knight

Dark Souls III - Northern Warrior

Northern Warrior

Dark Souls III - Wax Lady

Wax Lady

Dark Souls III - Creature


Dark Souls III - Illustration


Dark Souls III - Tombstones


Dark Souls III - Kingdom Ruins

Kingdom Ruins


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